PVM Product cost management

Optimize your product development process

The top performers lead the way: Efficient product development processes safeguard competitive advantages. PVM Product Cost Management offers you pin-point support right here, providing quick and easy tracking of all commercial aspects in product development from the incipient idea to series maturity.

The PVM Product Cost Management software lets you apply a structured approach to projects, also to keep abreast of the current status, costs, deadlines and tasks.

The system allows you to display a variety of production and value added scenarios in addition to the latest status. In this way, the software-assisted product cost management system helps you provide answers to the following questions during the ongoing process of product development: What is a product allowed to cost? How much will the product cost? You are in a position to compare previous and current versions of a project, also to track changes. The analysis is directly connected with the ERP system to allow quick and easy retrieval of the latest values whenever they are needed.

PVM Product cost management. Your Benefits

  • Overview of all the relevant project status information.
  • Cost planning and calculation tool for all departments.
  • Management and planning of costs and deadlines – easy, clear and efficient
  • Cost control for products.
  • Parts library to optimize purchasing.
  • Efficient tools such as non-recurring cost planning, first sample tracking, production cost planning.

PVM Product cost management. The Functions:

Parts library

The parts library delivers a clearly structured overview of all assemblies and their components. Here you can define and compare the different structures within product functions. The integrated BOM offers a comprehensive range of administrative options, enabling the efficient and precise registration of BOM information alongside descriptions of special component features.

BOM management

BOM management holds the templates for products and modules. The defined templates mean it is no longer necessary to create a completely new BOM for each model variant. The template may contain complete products/modules, or merely provide a structural template. 

Product cost calculation

Product cost calculation is based on a standardized calculation scheme. Variants represent different product modifications or additions to a basic product. The costs, revenues and results of all variants can be calculated and combined across all periods. There may be several prices for the components. 

Non-recurring costs planning

The non-recurring costs detail planning estimates for the cost of development, construction and testing. They also specify external services, and investments in tools, devices and machines. Defined templates and cost rates can be used in the planning of non-recurring costs. 

Variant management

Variant management is used to handle component, product and product family variants. Product properties and costs are defined in variant management, along with the records of planned sales volumes. The variant data stored refer to a specific version to ensure that a variety of construction stages can be displayed.

Version management

Version management handles the different stages of a project, including project approval, modifications in component cost or alterations in changes. Scenarios allow you to simulate commercial data relating to a specific variant. You also have the option to block older versions.


  • Parts library
  • BOM management
  • Product cost calculation
  • Non recurring costs planning
  • Variant management
  • Version management

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