PVM Project controlling

Planning, analyzing, reporting

PVM Project Controlling for company-wide project planning, control and evaluation of your projects: Support across the entire project lifecycle, from strategic planning and individual project management to final cost management.


PVM Project Controlling presents project results, analyzes project risks and evaluates economic aspects. Capable of handling multiple projects, the project controlling system supports you in the management, planning, monitoring and evaluation of your projects.

The software allows you to analyze and evaluate a project. It accompanies the user over the entire project lifecycle, from the project idea and benefit analysis, to controlling and reporting.

You acquire entirely new insight into your processes, and are able to plan with perspective and vision, creating a basis for well-founded decisions.

PVM Project controlling. Your benefit.

  • Company-wide planning, controlling and evaluation of your projects.
  • Cost planning, cost monitoring and comparison of actual/planned costs, including a forecast.
  • Multi-project management and monitoring.
  • Templates to ensure rapid project creation

PVM Project controlling. The functions.

Multi-project management

Monitoring of project proposals, projects and project variants, summarized in project portfolios. You are able to plan and structure projects using sub-projects, milestones, quality gates and activities. Clear indicators and values showing product variance keep you up to speed with the current project status. 

Economic efficiency calculation

This is used to calculate the profitability of your project. The economic efficiency calculation includes all costs relevant to the project. Forecast values are taken into account alongside actual and planned values, thus ensuring a correct evaluation of project development.


  • Multi-project management
  • Economic efficiency calculation

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