PVM Solutions

Product Value Management

PVM Solutions is the leading standard solution for product value management (PVM), designed to establish sustainable competitive advantages in the product development process.

80% of product costs and 80% of future profits are determined during the product development phase.

PVM Solutions is a complete solution for interdisciplinary collaboration in all commercial aspects of product development from the concept phase to the start of production. By a standardized process and selected methods products are optimized and costs are reduced along the value chain.

PVM Solutions. Your Benefits

  • Save more than 20% in production costs.
  • Accelerate your lead times by 25-30%.
  • Secure company knowledge and engineering experience for future products.
  • Calculate and simulate technical and commercial alternatives in real time.
  • Flexible multi-project, workflow and task management; milestones, quality gates, reporting
  • Integrated process management for all functions and divisions across projects

PVM Solutions. The products.

PVM Product cost management offers you pin-point support, providing quick and easy tracking of all commercial aspects in product development.

Determine, design and achieve target costs. Target costing is used to lay out the cost structures and product characteristics to meet market requirements early on.

Create the best possible products. Functions and costs are at the heart of product development, expensive reworking is prevented.

Manage supplier relationships in a systematic way. PVM Supplier management leads to continuous optimization in supplier performance.n.

Transparent cost structures according to a customer-specific calculation scheme. Compare and analyze the cost items relating to several purchased parts.

Planning, analyzing, reporting. The project controlling supports you in the management, planning, monitoring and evaluation of your project.

Recognizing and successfully handling risks is a crucial aspect. Controlled, transparent and recurring processes to enable the systematic handling of risks.