PVM Risk Management

Risk management with integrated early warning system

PVM Risk Management draws on controlled, transparent and recurring processes to enable the systematic handling of risks. Risks can be identified at an early stage and weaknesses fixed. The information provided is designed specifically to suit the interests and needs of the risk owners.

Risk management means more than just awareness of a company´s weaker sides; it requires their conscious control.

Recognizing and successfully handling risks is a crucial aspect. PVM Risk Management enables the identification of risks, also the assessment of their likelihood and possible ramifications. It lets you systematically and comprehensively control risk processing and the requirements placed in the organizations and processes. Diminished liability risks, nurturing of risk awareness among employees and the introduction of transparency in respect to strengths and weaknesses are additional, valuable aspects of PVM Risk Management.

PVM Risk Management. Your benefits.

  • Early warning system enabling timely identification of economically undesirable developments.
  • Systematic evaluation of likelihood and damage extent.
  • Early recognition of substantial risk potential provides added room for management to maneuver.
  • Significant disburden if organizational liability is claimed in a case of damage.
  • Standardized and automated compliance procedures.

PVM Risk Management. The functions.

Risk catalogue

The risk catalogue enables categorization of risks according to type, delivering a transparent overview of relevant risks within risk management. Risks are collated easily and intuitively. Risk templates can be defined and then used as part of a defined risk management process. 

Risk evaluation

Risks are evaluated based on likelihood and extent of damage. The likelihood of an event occurring is classified using a probability index. The extent of damage is expressed as a specific amount. The system comes with an integrated report function to present risks according to damage class and likelihood.

Early warning system

Identification, control and monitoring of operational risk indicators. PVM Risk Management operates based on early warning indicators. Positive and negative developments are recognized early on. The indicators are collated, validated and monitored regularly in respect to specific risks. 

Tracking system

Company-wide, audit-proof and easily operable tracking and documentation. PVM Risk Management comes with an integrated tracking system for all risk types, aimed at curtailing likelihood or reducing the extent of damage. You have a clear overview of all complete and incomplete tasks.

Risk report

The risk report provides the right type, structure and volume of risk information to suit the interests and specific needs of the risk owners. PVM Risk Management has a convincingly clear, tabular and graphic display. Risks can be classified according to likelihood and degree of risk.


  • Risk catalogue
  • Risk evaluation
  • Risk management
  • Early warning indicators
  • Tracking system
  • Risk report

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