PVM Supplier Management

Manage your supplier relationships

One of the goals in strategic buying is to manage supplier relationships in a systematic way. The PVM Supplier Management software provides active support in fulfilling this objective, allowing you to identify the suppliers that offer the best continuity, performance capability and capacity to deliver. 

Optimization in value added, delivery time and quality of supplied products.

Supplier performance is a crucial element in the value chain and hence forms the basis of a company’s commercial success. PVM Supplier Management is an easy to use tool in efficient and effective supplier management that provides a clear competitive edge. Focusing on processes and adopting a systematic approach, PVM Supplier Management leads to continuous optimization in supplier performance, while considering all aspects that impact the company’s own value chain.

PVM Supplier Management allows you to collaborate with suppliers to work on potentials and to implement a rigorous and continuous process chain.

PVM Supplier Management. Your benefits.

  • Support in strategic and operational purchasing.
  • A clear overview of supplier relationships at all times.
  • Easy assessment of supplier performance and delivery capabilities.
  • Continuous deliveries to safeguard your process chains.
  • Valid information on the economic situation of your suppliers.
  • Management and tracking of optimization measures conducted by suppliers.
  • Adherence to risk management and compliance requirements.

PVM Supplier Management. The functions.

Supplier evaluation

A scoring questionnaire is used to conduct supplier evaluations. The system-based evaluation ensures the fast availability of supplier evaluation results across one or several evaluation periods.

Supplier portal

The supplier portal is the connecting link with the supplier. Suppliers can directly enter their basic data like quality management, certification, machinery and fields of expertise as well as submit offers. Furthermore, you can share documents such as specifications, product descriptions, etc., or use the automatic status tracking feature. 

Supplier self-assessment

Precise and up-to date information on all suppliers, universally available throughout the company. The software takes a supplier self-assessment to collect structural information such as master data, machinery, quality management and supplier competence, thus providing a perfectly tailored solution for use in your operative and strategic buying.

Supplier financial analysis

The supplier financial analysis provides an assessment of the suppliers’ current economic situation and draws conclusions on how it is likely to develop, particularly with regard to future innovative capabilities, profits and liquidity. The supplier financial analysis focuses on the supplier’s long-term capability to deliver.

Supplier risk management

Supplier risk management is a key element in ensuring reliability of delivery in respect to quality and deadlines. Supplier risk management monitors suppliers in terms of their performance and financial risks. Potential vulnerabilities are identified early on, and appropriate measures to minimize risks are taken. 

Supplier database

All key supplier information is stored at a central location in the integrated supplier database. This ensures that staff within each department is able to access, modify or delete the information relevant to their work. Suppliers update their own data, while company employees conduct supplier evaluations at regular intervals.


  • Supplier self-assessment
  • Supplier financial analysis
  • Supplier evaluation
  • Supplier risk management
  • Supplier portal
  • Supplier database

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