PVM Value Analysis

Value analysis to enhance product benefits

Our value analysis software does more than just optimize costs – it was developed to let you create the best possible products. The PVM software integrates value analysis as a standard process element. All critical steps can be completed methodically.

Functions and costs are at the heart of product development, right from the start: Expensive reworking is prevented.

New ways within product development
PVM Value Analysis guides you through the necessary process stages of value analysis in a targeted and structured manner. PVM Value Analysis documents the acquired knowledge for later use – helping you consistently adapt your product to meet customer needs and therefore to increase value. You are able to use the results as a benchmark for other products or projects.

Consistently practiced PVM Value Analysis takes constituent parts to create a whole.

PVM Value Analysis. Your benefits.

  • Cost reductions and performance enhancements of up to 30%:
  • Value added for products and elimination of unnecessary costs.
  • Customer-oriented development, aimed at creating higher-quality products.
  • No expensive reworking.
  • Identification of the most important value and cost drivers.
  • Product innovation, product improvement and new product combinations.
  • Identification of unnecessary product functions.
  • Enhancement of employee knowledge, Employee networking.

PVM Value Analysis. The functions.

Function analysis

Function analysis comes with the option to perform systematic analysis of customer requirements, to clarify application scenarios and to examine product requirements. This clear product structure allows more detailed definitions of error sources, also how to initiate improvements.

Function cost analysis

Function cost analysis determines which cost components must be assigned to the individual functions. Value analysis is applied to link project components and to create value analysis parts. Users then define the prices and costs of these parts within the project. The following columns assign the percentage share of costs to the functions.

Morphologic matrix

A simple method to improve and modify products and to ensure product innovation. The morphologic matrix automatically lists all functions contained in the function analysis and documents alternative solutions, enabling analysis of different combinations and variations of feasible solutions. 

Knowledge database

The knowledge database keeps a systematic and structured record of methodological skills and troubleshooting expertise in respect to components and projects. It is integrated and updated within the project workflow to enable rapid access to all kinds of information.

PVM Value Analysis. Optional functions.

Tracking system

Workflow-controlled tracking system for downstream measures. Keep tight control over company-wide, complete and incomplete measures at all times. Assign tasks to employees and line managers. Central control of measures ensures tight implementation.

BOM comparison

BOM comparison facilitates BOM analysis. The difference between products are compared and highlighted in color right through to the structural level. BOMs within one project can be compared, also between different projects. 


  • Function analysis
  • Function cost analysis
  • Morphologic matrix
  • Knowledge database


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