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Target Costing

Target costing in the product development process

Small and medium-sized enterprises, start-ups and even global players. Everyone feels the pinch of heightened competitive pressure. And the same challenge applies to them all, namely to produce outstanding products at attractive prices. After all, price and quality are the most important criteria in a customer's decision to purchase.

Ideal product development

Product value management increases commercial success

Product development processes are highly complex. Controlling them is becoming an increasingly serious challenge for companies. Multiple departments need to work hand-in-glove over a large number of phases in order to ensure that the processes are commercially successful. This is why we have continued developing a method that provides companies with consistent support throughout product development. Known as product value management, it builds a bridge between top-level engineering and commercial benefits, streamlines the pricing process, curtails risks and increases the overall business success.

Supplier management ensures success

Active supplier management is a key building block in successful companies. Today, supplier management means more than just ensuring that a need for certain parts is satisfied. Instead it is an integral process. After all, success is guaranteed if a company acquires a clear 360° view of its suppliers. 

Published in All about Sourcing Jan./Feb. 2014, p. 10.

Product Lifecycle Cost Management

How to develop products more efficiently and cut costs

'Time to market' and 'cost to market': these are the key competitive factors in ensuring success. Besides smooth data management (PLM), this aspect needs one thing above all: a strict focus on customer benefits – even during the product development phase. Well-organised data transfer and cost optimisation are also necessary. PLCM – product lifecycle management – ensures all of these things. So why are companies not already using this method as a standard?

Published in IT & Produktion, PLM in a nutshell 2012/13

The quick and safe way to locate the right suppliers

Optimising supplier management with PVM – for better product profitability

The purchasing department needs the 'right' suppliers in order to ensure lasting success in series production and product development. PVM (product value management) uses supplier management in this respect. The software allows the reliable collection and rapid analysis of current data on a supplier's continuity, performance and supply capability. Here, the Supplier Rating and Self-disclosure modules, also the Supplier Finance Analysis – unique on the market – are optionally available with or without web connectivity. 

Product Value Management

How to lower product costs intelligently and score points in competition

Increasing market and cost pressure, shorter product lifecycles: today's industrial companies need to plan and develop their products efficiently and with an ideal cost structure in order to win orders, and they need to be brought to market quickly as well. To do this, Dennso has developed an innovative one-stop solution on behalf of the prestigious automotive supplier RECARO: tailored software designed for integral product cost optimisation and project control in all specialist departments involved throughout the company.

Using product value management at RECARO to ensure software-assisted planning and control of the product development process

PVM Solutions in operation at RECARO.  PVM Solutions applies integral processes and methods throughout the entire product lifecycle to enable transparent and seamless support in the product development process. It draws on numerous techniques for cost elimination and analysis.

PVM provides the controlling department with an instrument to monitor adherence to defined processes, among them expediting, risk assessment and calls-to-action.

Published in:

Ronald Gleich/Christof Schimank, Innovations-Controlling, 2011, p. 231-254

Building and introducing an integral product value management system / process along the product lifecycle, and simultaneous development of organisation and staff qualification

Comprehensive analysis of the improvement potential within the product development phase and preparation of a concept through closer analysis of the value management issue and adjacent methodologies.

Besides classic methods such as value management, target costing, design to cost and others, this concept also comprises procedural topics such as purchase price analysis, risk analysis and others.

Published in:

Tanja Lingohr/Martin Kruschel, Best Practices in Value Management. How purchasing and engineering can make a lasting contribution to value, 2011, p. 49-69

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