Implementation, adaptation, start working

The introduction of new software is a challenge: not every company has a team experienced enough for the implementation. That is why Dennso supports you in the organisational and technical implementation, as well as in data migration.

Organisational implementation: targeted and efficient
The new software is intended to increase productivity: activities that were previously carried out manually are replaced and work processes are automated. Strategic planning is necessary in order for this to proceed. We prepare employees and organisational structures for the changes and provide support during the conversion.

Technical implementation and software adaptation
Depending on the existing IT landscape, it may be necessary to adapt the software during the technical implementation. Dennso supports you, among other things, by integrating into existing authentication systems, providing individual layouts of the reports, by adapting the designs to the Corporate Identity, by producing unique company lists or by translating into languages not previously offered.

Data migration – also at a logical level
Transferring data from old systems or spreadsheets into the new software is usually a complex task. As well as data import and data export, data transformation is often necessary at a logical level. Dennso can help you with a problem-free data migration.

PVM software implementation. Your benefits:

  • We ensure a smooth software implementation and undisturbed operation.
  • We prepare employees and structures for the changes.
  • We integrate the software into existing IT landscapes.
  • We implement individual layouts and adapt to the company’s CI.
  • We take care of the translation into previously unused languages.
  • We support data import and export, as well as data transformation.

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