Product Value Management - More successful systematically

Product Value Management (PVM) bridges the gap between great engineering and commercial success. The pricing and cost structure of the products is shaped, controlled at an early stage, and optimised over the entire product life cycle.

Cost management – Fit for the competition

Innovations must reach the market quickly and must be cost-effective to survive in the competition. The key: efficient cost management. Optimal cost management doesn’t just maintain the profitability of an organisation, it even raises it.

Product development – The basis for success


Whoever creates pioneering products gains the crucial advantage. Under one condition: The path from idea to finished product must be a short one. Attractive design, interesting features and a competitive price are also crucial to the success of a new product.


Compliance ensures adherence to internal and external rules. Compliance organised by the company requires a compliance system. That is the only way to monitor and control adherence to rules, reveal violations of the law and ensure fair competition

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