Compliance – Increasing competitive capability

Integrate a constant compliance process

Binding conditions are vital in business life. Compliance ensures adherence to internal and external rules. These can be laws or even self-imposed company rules. Compliance organised by the company requires a compliance system. That is the only way to monitor and control adherence to rules, reveal violations of the law and ensure fair competition.

Compliance protects the organisation and employees

Credit risks, financial risks, environmental risks, risks in the procurement process: Risks must be identified and avoided preventively as part of compliance. Effective compliance structures must be implemented, a compliance culture established and the achievement of compliance targets must be monitored in a continuous process. The penalty for violating compliance regulations should be defined. In the final analysis, it is about protecting the organisation and the employees. Therefore, compliance is part of efficient risk management.

Analyse processes and identify risks in time with PVM Solutions

PVM Solutions supports you in integrating a constant compliance process. Thus you can analyse processes, identify risks in time and resolve potential errors before they occur. This will be accomplished by integrated action tracking that keeps you updated about open or completed actions. The supplier management provides you solutions using which you can continuously monitor suppliers and optimise your supplier pool time and again.  


Software for Compliance. 

Recognizing and successfully handling risks is a crucial aspect. Controlled, transparent and recurring processes to enable the systematic handling of risks.

Planning, analyzing, reporting. The project controlling supports you in the management, planning, monitoring and evaluation of your project.

Manage supplier relationships in a systematic way. PVM Supplier management leads to continuous optimization in supplier performance.n.

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