Cost management – Fit for the competition

Support for the entire product life cycle

Competitive pressure is increasing – across all sectors. Development budgets are getting tighter, development time shorter. Innovations must reach the market quickly and must be cost-effective to survive in the competition. The key: efficient cost management. Optimal cost management doesn’t just maintain the profitability of an organisation, it even raises it.

Pricing and cost structure under control – right from the start

Cost management follows the strategy: The earlier, the better: It is important to monitor pricing and cost structure early in the design and construction process through all stages. Tools delivering realistic forecasts are essential here. It is thus possible to control prices and costs early, to optimise them continuously over the entire product life cycle.

Product cost management: Savings of up to 25 % are possible

Product cost management holds particular importance here. Show statistics: Continuous product cost management enables savings of up to 25 %. A clear cost strategy for product structures, production and procurement is part of product cost management. Transparency is crucial. This is how strongly competitive companies develop cost effective products – and launch them in the market with a shortened time-to-market at an optimal price.

PVM Solutions for integrated cost management

The software PVM Solutions by Dennso offers organisations an integrated cost management. This way you can control product costs right from the design and construction process. You can simulate variants and versions with PVM Solutions to select the most economical alternative. You always have the pricing and cost structure in hand – over the entire product life cycle.


Software for cost management. 

PVM Product cost management offers you pin-point support, providing quick and easy tracking of all commercial aspects in product development. 

Determine, design and achieve target costs. Target costing is used to lay out the cost structures and product characteristics to meet market requirements early on.

Transparent cost structures according to a customer-specific calculation scheme. Compare and analyze the cost items relating to several purchased parts.

Planning, analyzing, reporting. The project controlling supports you in the management, planning, monitoring and evaluation of your project.

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