Product development – The basis for success

Develop the best possible products

Developing new products – that is the key requirement of innovative organisations. Whoever creates pioneering products gains the crucial advantage. Under one condition: The path from idea to finished product must be a short one. Attractive design, interesting features and a competitive price are also crucial to the success of a new product.

Product development is the cornerstone of successful organisations

That is why product development is accorded such an important role. It is the foundation on which a successful organisation is built. Product development cannot stand out due to its innovative strength alone. It must also keep pace with the increasing competitive pressure: shorter development cycles, tighter budgets, higher requirements regarding product quality, more variants. 

PVM Solutions supports you during product development

Meet the commercial challenges of product development successfully. The PVM Solutions by Dennso provide a powerful tool for product development. Thanks to PVM it is possible to develop new products faster and already existing products can be adapted more quickly – according to the wishes of the customer for tailor made products. The aim: Launch the right product in the market at the right time at optimal costs.



Software for product development.

Create the best possible products. Functions and costs are at the heart of product development, expensive reworking is prevented.

Determine, design and achieve target costs. Target costing is used to lay out the cost structures and product characteristics to meet market requirements early on.

Planning, analyzing, reporting. The project controlling supports you in the management, planning, monitoring and evaluation of your project.

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