Product Value Management - more successful systematically

Optimise your product development process

Product Value Management (PVM) bridges the gap between great engineering and commercial success. PVM is a management process that consistently aligns products to market advantages and customer benefits right from the start. The pricing and cost structure of the products is shaped, controlled at an early stage, and optimised over the entire product life cycle.

Meet the commercial challenges of product development more efficiently and successfully.

Combining processes and methods across all phases and departments, PVM assures comprehensive cost management and value based optimisation of the product during the entire product life cycle. This management strategy allows distributed organisations to work together in an interdisciplinary manner, introduce more cost-effective products and accelerate processes. Anticipatory risk management results in greater planning and process reliability.

PVM bridges the gap between great engineering and commercial success

Transparent cost management constitutes the framework for the entire product development process. In this way, the commercial parameters of a product are tracked and controlled continually. PVM enables forecasting and monitoring of product costs over the entire process. Thus optimisation begins already in the design and construction process. The market side target costing is standardised and provides support during the development. Thus, all operational aspects from finding the concept to series production are taken into account, enabling the organisation to develop, produce and launch successful products at competitive prices in the market.

Control product costs at an early stage

PVM offers organisations the opportunity to influence and control product costs at an early stage. Moreover, PVM also enables economical implementation of product improvements, variants and additional products, and thus extends the profitable period of the product life cycle. Used consistently, PVM brings together what belongs together: Satisfied customers and profitable products. Increase in sales and turnover are then the next logical result.

Software for Product Value Management

PVM Product cost management offers you pin-point support, providing quick and easy tracking of all commercial aspects in product development.

Determine, design and achieve target costs. Target costing is used to lay out the cost structures and product characteristics to meet market requirements early on.

Create the best possible products. Functions and costs are at the heart of product development, expensive reworking is prevented.

Manage supplier relationships in a systematic way. PVM Supplier management leads to continuous optimization in supplier performance.n.

Transparent cost structures according to a customer-specific calculation scheme. Compare and analyze the cost items relating to several purchased parts.

Planning, analyzing, reporting. The project controlling supports you in the management, planning, monitoring and evaluation of your project.

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